Accident Incident Reporting & Investigation (Spanish)

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Accident Incident Reporting and Investigation is a 3hr live class for Residential and Commercial Contractors. This class includes a 1hr workshop where Contractors identify their risk exposures to build their custom Safety Program.

This class is instructed in both English and Spanish.

The goal of our Accident Incident Reporting and Investigation class is to help learners prepare for and conduct investigations of all incidents and near misses, to identify the root cause to keep similar events from happening again, and how to make a successful safety program.

Running a Construction business is not without risks. Even if you’ve accounted for potential problems with a good risk management plan, accidents do happen. It’s important to properly investigate accidents or even near misses (which together can be called “incidents”).

Incident investigation (also called accident investigation) is a structured process used to report, track, and find the cause of incidents, involving a formal strategy to investigate the incident, document the investigation, track progress, and analyze investigation data to identify and control for repeated incidents. An effective incident investigation strategy is designed no to assign blame, but to develop strategies to deal with the underlying causes of accidents and near misses.

In this class, we will cover why an effective incident investigation process is necessary, and also discuss the steps involved in conducting the investigation. As well as learn the procedure for:

  • Securing the scene
  • Implementing a pertinent contact list
  • Managing team roles
  • Recordkeeping and photographs
  • Tips on handling investigations
  • Develop an emergency action plan
  • Interviewing key witnesses
  • Preparing a media response
  • Tips on handling investigators

Note: The key to a successful safety program is identifying and eliminating hazards that cause injury or harm. These tools help put procedures in place to make that happen.