Competent Person Trenching/Excavation for Construction

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This course is a 4-hour Live Class offered in both English and Spanish for Residential and Commercial Contractors.

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The Competent Person Trenching/Excavation for Construction course is an advanced program designed specifically to teach supervisors, managers, and owners how to choose a person or persons to act as the competent person (CP) with detailed knowledge of excavation safety on the job site.

This class is approved for 4 credit hours of Continuing Education credits with Oregon Construction Contractor Board

Live Class – Cost $225

Provider Name:          American Contractors Organization, Inc.


Teaching Method:      Interactive Student Participation

Instructor:                  Travis Brock, CSP, ASP, CHST

Assistant:                   Cecilia De La Rosa, Executive Director

Language:                   English/Spanish
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For questions, please call us (971) 645-4292 during office hours (9:00am – 5:00pm) or send us an email to:

Email and Phone responses will be answered same day between 9:00am – 5:00pm, for emails after 5:00pm, the next business day. Bilingual (English/Spanish) assistance available.


  • Live Class – Student must have means of transportation to classroom facility (facility is ADA compliant).
  • -Student must bring valid, government issued, photo ID
  • -Course instructor will be available in person between 8:30am and 11:30am PST on the day of class.


The course syllabus will be available on the Website prior to purchase.

American Contractors Organization is responsible for the content of this course.

Students who successfully complete Competent Person Trenching/Excavation for Construction will learn how to choose a person or persons to act as the competent person (CP) with detailed knowledge of excavation safety on the job site. OAR requirements will be examined in detail to ensure the right person(s) is/are selected for the position of the competent person in excavation safety training.

The Competent Person Trenching/Excavation for Construction course will demonstrate the statutory requirements you must know when appointing the appropriate personnel designated as the competent person, as well as what they need for in-depth excavation safety training. This course is designed to provide all necessary knowledge and training needed for the duties, responsibilities, and training of the competent person who will oversee excavation projects on the construction site. Course topics will include:

  • Introduction to Competent Person Excavations
  • Principles regarding designating a competent person
  • Competent person responsibilities
  • Oregon and other state requirements

Industry terms and policies identified and covered during the course will include the following:

  • The definition of a competent person
  • Trench excavation safety
  • OAR 437 – Division 3 – Subdivision P

Note: If your business does any type of digging operations then a Competent Person in Trenching Operations is required on site.