OSHA Fall Protection – English

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OSHA requires all Residential Contractors to have a written Fall Protection Plan in place. This training will provide the contractor with a Customized written Fall Protection Plan for their company, and they will learn how to be compliant with the New OSHA Fall Protection directive when working at heights of 6 feet or above.

The contractor will gain a better understanding of how to effectively train their workers and prove through documentation that they were trained as required by OSHA. The contractor will also learn to be able to identify the type of equipment and procedures they will need to meet the standard on specifics jobs.

Approved for 5 CE credits. Class begins at 8:30 a.m. and concludes at 2:00 p.m. Snacks & Beverages provided.

Fall Protection Program Customized to Your State and Personalized to Your Company.

Fall Plan includes: (50) “Hazard Analysis Worksheets” (Site Specific) that will help you assess each job and determine if a Job Specific Plan needs to be implemented. Having a site specific plan is OSHA mandated code section 1926.502(k).

Instructor: Will Hewson
8:30am to 2:00pm

By OSHA Standards, Who is a Competent Person?

OSHA defines a Competent Person as someone who is a designated person with sufficient experience and/or knowledge to recognize fall hazards, correct unsafe conditions, and who has the authority to shut down the work-site until any hazards are corrected. The competent person should be the most knowledgeable person, in this case about fall protection, on the job site.

This Fall Protection Class will teach you and your responsible parties how to maintain compliance at each job site, in accordance with OSHA Guidelines when working 6ft. or greater above ground.